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See more of Debbie Connolly being interviewed on Sky News and other TV/radio on our Media Page on our Expert Witness site

Hear Debbie Connolly on Sky News talking about child and dog tragedies and how you can prevent them. 
If you are involved in a dog bite incident, see our dedicated site for expert help. 


SafePets Dog & Cat Training and Behaviour

Behaviour help for Cats & Dogs

Pricing for all budgets from £5 advice packs.  East Midlands base, help as far as London

Lots of advice and articles on our Blog

Want a more in depth read? Read our case studies? Advice on training or dog bites? It's all on the blog

Who are we?


More than 30 years experience, Consultant to Pet Education Trust and Bengal Cat Helpline.  Expert Court Witness for DDA cases


If your dog has bitten or injured someone or you are the victim of an attack, visit our advice site.  Debbie Connolly is an experienced Expert Witness and verified Member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses CLICK HERE


Debbie Connolly is an expert witness for dangerous dog cases.  If you are an expert witness in this field and want a voice to help improve the role, join us.


30 years experience and running a specialist rescue as well as Behaviour Adviser to various organisations means we can help you.

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